Unraveling the Trend Line-Ad Campaign


The following page shows two pictures that belong to the same ad campaign. One was developed by Duracell and the other was mimetized by Juan David adjusting to the same design, color and typography principles reflected on the original ad.

Before you scroll down to see the similitudes and shared principles between the two ads. I ask you to se the following two pictures and decide which one is the original and which one is the mimic.

If you said the second picture is the original, you are correct. However, it was hard to decide. I will tell you why. The original ad was taken from a blog https://loyoladigitaladvertising.wordpress.com/2013/11/06/duracell-gets-energized/ and it had the following link to the source

Neff, J. (2013, November 06). Duracell vs. energize–one charges up, one sputters. Retrieved from http://adage.com/article/news/duracell-energizer-charges-sputters/245108/

Design principles:


The knife and the apple are very close to each other. You can assume that the knife was meant to cut the apple.

The proximity between the apple and the apple reflect the relationship between them.

I tried to apply the same principle by placing the spanner very close to the screw. It says that you are trying to adjust a screw with the wrong tool.

The edges of the spanner are very close to the screw’s head showing the relationship between them.


You can see that most of the objects are aligned to the left side of the picture, the knife comes from the left and the battery picture is at the bottom left side of the picture. The text also is aligned to the left. This brings calm and consistency to the whole ad. Your “tools” are at the left and the object that is affected by the tools is at the right side of the picture.

The tools and the text are aligned to the left side of the picture

Likewise, the objects in the second ad were aligned to the left side of the picture except for the screw.


There is a contrast in the light surrounding the elements in the picture. This contrast is used to highlight the power of the battery. The main environment is darkness, but the battery has light around it. That is a very effective use of contrast.

I tried to deepen that message by adding more bright around the battery.

The use of the same elements, like the black background, the battery at the bottom, the white text and the same alignment between both ads bring consistency and are part of the REPETITION principle of design.


The color strategy is very simple, the use of dark and light colors


There is only one font style used in this ad and that is Sans Serif, the only difference is that the battery has capitalized typeface.

I used a very similar font to mimic the ad. In this case is Calibri.

The color scheme is based on warm colors vs cool colors. the warm colors are more related to the written line, the apple and the battery. the cold colors are part of the knife and the background.

I used the same color scheme in the new ad, by keeping the background and the tools cold, and the other elements warm.

In sum, all the elements match design, color and principles. For this reason the new ad belongs to the same ad campaing. I think that one of the key elements to reach that goal was repetition.

Thank you.

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